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Which is your most favourite science subject?

(Results collected from 1 August 2003 - 1 November 2004)

survey and poll on science subjects

The survey was collected from the old web site, of which the contents now integrated into's Science Park section.

Break down of poll results: Chemistry (27%), Biology (16%), Physics (15%), Astronomy (13%), Computer Science (10%), Earth Sciences (8%), Engineering (6%) and Mathematics (5%). Respondents that voted different or same answer twice were discarded.

Note that the results may not reflect the true universal preference of any particular subject. This is because the original contents at were skewed towards certain subjects such as chemistry, physics and astronomy. The country of origins also correlate well with the visitors' server log files, of which, folks from the United States are the most active/frequent respondents. List below shows the first 5 countries that contribute most to the survey.

  1. United States: 52%

  2. United Kingdom: 10%

  3. Canada: 8.6%

  4. India: 4.3%

  5. The Philipines: 4.3%

Collectively these countries consist of more than 79% of the total votes. The rests were originated from all over the world such as Europe (the Netherlands, Spain etc.), Far East (Singapore, Malaysia, etc.), and even Africa (Kenya, Namibia etc).

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