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If there is no financial or technological restriction, which of the following alternative energy resources do you prefer to power your automobile?

(Results collected from 1 October 2003 - 1 December 2004)

survey and poll on alternative energy

The survey was collected from the old web site, of which the contents have now been integrated into's Science Park section.

Break down of poll results: Solar energy: 38%
Fuel cell (electrochemical): 30%
Battery (stored electrical energy): 11%
I would rather walk: 10%
Give me back fossil fuel: 7%
Not sure: 4%

Respondents that voted different or same answer twice were discarded. Respondents from the US dominate the poll, which consists of about 55% of the total vote. The UK comes second, at 12%. Initially, there was a rather low voting rate for this poll. However, interest in the poll surged ahead during the period (and still is at the time of writing) of high oil prices, due to Iraq conflicts and more than expected global demands for oil. Subsequently, there is a renewed interest in alternative energy resources and energy conservations, perhaps fueled by media reports. Interestingly, respondents voted for fuel cell also surged ahead.

Most people voted for solar energy, which is not surprised, since it is the cleanest form of energy. However, the drawback is that countries with gloomy weather or less sun light may not be able to utilise this energy resource efficiently. It is interesting to note that 64% of our friends from the UK voted for solar energy, consider the country is frequently greeted with gloomy clouds.

However, the most surprising of all (or not so surprise) is that virtually all those who voted for fossil fuels were from the US! This could be because their oil price is still comparatively much cheaper than the rest of the world. But before the rest of us accuse them as gas guzzlers, a large proportion who voted that they would rather walk also came from the US. The only question is: are they serious about it, consider the vastness of their country?

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