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What should a government do to become less reliant on oil as energy supply?
(Think about technological and financial feasibility as well)

(Results collected from 22 July 2010 - 5 January 2011)

survey and poll on schemes to overcome oil dependency

Poll results:

Scheme 1 (25%): Large scale use of renewable energy sources: solar panels cover the desert floors, or wind turbine lining the seashores etc.

Scheme 2 (18%): Enforce all the mentioned schemes by law.

Scheme 3 (16%): Let things go on as it is now for another 10 years but invest heavily on future technologies like fusion power, lightweight high efficiency solar panels etc.

Scheme 4 (14%): Stone age ways of life rocks!

Scheme 5 (13%): Mandatory installation of solar panel and wind turbine on top of every house that feeds any excess energy generated into the grid.

Scheme 6 (7%): Only allow to build all-electric or hybrids for any future car models.

Scheme 7 (6%): What's wrong with oil? We are already totally dependent on oil. Any drastic step to reduce dependency of oil is unworkable.

Scheme 8 (2%): Enforce nation-wide drastic energy saving schemes: switch off all building lights, including private homes after certain time, leaving only a few essential street lights.

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