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Which one of the following group of people do you LEAST trust?

(Results collected from 1 August 2003 - 22 November 2004)

survey and poll on least trusted people

The survey was collected from the old web site, of which the contents now integrated into's Science Park section.

Break down of poll results: Politician (37%), Journalist (20%), Secret/Intelligence service (12%), Police (8%), Teacher (8%), Lawyer (7%), Doctor (4%) and Scientist (4%). Respondents that voted different or same answer twice were discarded.

Obviously, politicians are the clear 'winner' in this survey. This is true across most part of the world: from the United States to Papua New Guinea. This could be the reason why it is difficult to persuade people to vote in some countries. Perhaps it is time for the politician to stop giving flowery speeches but to give straight, honest information to the people.

However, there are two notable exceptions: gulf states tend to least trust teachers (Why?) and folks from Singapore tend to distrust journalists (politicans rank second). This is interesting consider the fact that Singapore media environment is highly regulated by the ruling party and only dominated by few big players who have close links with the government. Perhaps Singapore could be the 'model governance body' that the rest of the countries should seek advice from?

The secret intelligence community is also losing the trust of the people. This could be due to events about recent intelligence failure on finding the weapon of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq that coincide with this survey being taken.

People from the United Kingdom do not seem to trust in hardly anybody. Although politicians and journalists still rank the top of the list, quite a significant proportions think teachers are not trustworthy. Others do not trust in their police and doctors.

List below shows the first 4 countries that contribute most to the survey.

  1. United States: 55%

  2. United Kingdom: 13%

  3. Canada: 7.0%

  4. Australia: 4.3%

The list is hardly surprising because these are predominantly English-speaking nations.

Next poll.

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