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If NASA has 1 billion dollar spare cash, do you think the money should spend on:

(Results collected from 1 October 2003 - 27 April 2005)

survey and poll on NASA spending

The survey was collected from the old web site, of which the contents have now been integrated into's Science Park section.

Break down of poll results:
Reasearch into advance space technology: 22%
Mission to Mars: 21%
None: 16%
The International Space Space (ISS): 14%
Moon exploration and/or colonization: 14%
Other planetary exploration programs: 7%
Comet explorations: 5%

Respondents that voted different or same answer twice were discarded. Respondents from the US dominate the poll, which consists of about 59% of the total vote. The UK comes second, at 14%

Most people may think that the existing technology is not adequate to carry out current or future space programs. Perhaps they are willing to wait a little longer until more advance technology is available. These majority views were quite consistent across the whole world, either from the West or Far East.

Moon, and especially Mars explorations, top the current positions and voters think that other planet explorations should be put at lower priorities. In fact, since President Bush announcement of grand space programs on the moon and Mars, there is a spate of public interest for sending humans to these places. Ironically, a sizable amount of voters (17%) think that NASA should not be given such an amount of money to spend on anything else. The reason for such opinion is not clear. Either they think the money should be spent on other NASA's program (Earth science or even organiztional restructuring?) not mentioned in the poll or the money should have spent on other non-Space science activities. Majority of these voters were in fact from the United States.

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If you have any comment or opinion regarding this poll, please do not hesitate to contact us. We may consider to post it here.

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