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If we decide to set on foot again on the Moon in 10 years time, which one of the following should be the top priority?

(Results collected from 1 October 2003 - 27 April 2005)

survey and poll on Moon mission

The survey was collected from the old web site, of which the contents have now been integrated into's Science Park section.

Break down of poll results:
Moon colonization: 37%
Moon is boring, go to Mars instead: 21%
Build astronomical instruments such as telescopes: 20%
Forget it. The whole idea is madness! 11%
Walk around just like the days of Apollo missions: 6%
Build nuclear dumping sites: 5%

Respondents that voted different or same answer twice were discarded. The percentage voters of the country of origin are as follows:
United States: 53.6%
United Kingdom: 17%
Canada: 7.2%
Australia: 5.8%
Singapore: 3.6%
The rests consist of the Philippines, India and member states of EU.

Since the announcement of President Bush grand vision to Moon and Mars, there is a spate of public interests on these places. Regarding how to best use of the Moon, a clear majority seems to agree to colonise Moon. By this could mean exploration and establishments of permanent human presence on the Moon. However, over 20% of the respondents think is best to skip Moon and go directly to Mars. This is followed closely by more scientifically minded respondents who may see the advantage of setting up extremely sensitive equipment on Moon which has almost zero pollution and the atmosphere is virtually non-existance. The minority opt for using the Moon as a nuclear waste dumping site. Interestingly, all the respondents are from US and UK only.

Of course, the poll survey may not represent the true global opinion since vast majority of the visitors were from English-speaking nations.

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If you have any comment or opinion regarding this poll, please do not hesitate to contact us. We may consider to post it here.

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